Performing a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack on a Phone Line

Intro Denial of Service attacks are nothing new to people in the IT and computer security world. DoS attacks are a very simplistic form of attack which aim to flood the target (whether it be a computer, mobile device, or phone line) with traffic so that it cannot process legitimate traffic. While being simple simple … Read more

Installing the link layer topology discovery (LLTD) protocol responder on Debian Linux

This post on how to install the LLTD is largely ripped off from and made a bit more direct for those that just want to make it work and not pay attention to what you’re doing! Like me! So let’s dive right in. On some debian systems you may need to specifically find the correct headers … Read more

Installing Programs on Linux Without root

Prefixed Portage Most Linux distributions have great package managers like apt or portage. But installing programs when you don’t have root access can be a pain. You need to find, download and install all the dependencies and their dependencies, setup a prefix somewhere in your home folder and hope that everything works. Prefixed portage is perfect … Read more