Build hsdis for JDK 1.8 on Ubuntu

I wanted to build hsdis for my Ubuntu system. Virtually all of the instructions out there are slightly wrong. As per the comment on this gist a recent change (bbd1da3f538f) to the HotSpot source to be compatible with binutils 2.29 broke all the prior instructions. So literally.. my contribution here is to publicly point this out and … Read more

Detecting, locating and fixing referenced based heap memory leaks (Java)

A common problem we all have to deal with is fixing memory leaks. In garbage collecting languages like Java we typically expect not to ever need to worry about memory management. However the limitations of how a garbage collector works means that we can still create leaks. Which defeats the advantage of a garbage collector. … Read more

Transparent Telephony – Part 2 – Installing Asterisk

Welcome back to the Transparent Telephony series. If you’re new, you may want to check out part 1 here: Transparent Telephony – Part 1 – An Introduction. This series is designed for technical people, programmers, and just general enthusiasts who want to learn: how telephony works, how to setup your own phone server (PBX), how to … Read more

Performing a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack on a Phone Line

Intro Denial of Service attacks are nothing new to people in the IT and computer security world. DoS attacks are a very simplistic form of attack which aim to flood the target (whether it be a computer, mobile device, or phone line) with traffic so that it cannot process legitimate traffic. While being simple simple … Read more

Python on Windows: How to get network protocol statistics

Just something I was playing around with today that I thought I might share. I was curious about how to get network statistics in windows so I’ve been reading MSDN all day trying to work it out. I’ve written a little bit of python using the ctypes module to access the API on network statistics. All I … Read more

Installing the link layer topology discovery (LLTD) protocol responder on Debian Linux

This post on how to install the LLTD is largely ripped off from and made a bit more direct for those that just want to make it work and not pay attention to what you’re doing! Like me! So let’s dive right in. On some debian systems you may need to specifically find the correct headers … Read more

Automatically rename your torrent’d TV episodes

Download! – Always the latest version as .tar) So what is it? I’m going to go out my way and assume you have downloaded a TV episode at some point. I’m sure you will have noticed the filenames are rather horrible. I understand why the files are named along the lines of – it … Read more

Regex tutorial for people who should know Regex, but do not.. Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 You can download the following article as a nicely formatted PDF at the following URL: Intro This is the second part of the catchily named Regex-for-people-who-should-know-regex-but-do-not guide. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of regular expression syntax, then I recommend you first read part 1, or any of the many regular … Read more